The Girls

Our Girls




Our oldest baby girl who I couldn’t bear to let out of my sight for the first year of her life. The little girl who I have watched transform from a clingy baby to a confident, loving, heart on her sleeve big girl. My perfectionist, overachiever, independant, little mommy, helper. Who’s inner beauty far exceeds her outer beauty.



Our sweet little Mary Kathryn. Our cuddle bug, determined, big hearted, sharer. Ever loyal to her “sissies”. The one who always gives “the last one” to others. Who wants to be just like her big sister and who’s white blankie makes everything okay. Who I can’t imagine a day without her funny antics and big hugs.




Our littlest baby Bella. My “Bella bee”. The pudgiest of my babies, good natured, smile warms my heart, angel baby. Who I still can’t believe she is here. Who is worth every single “fussy time” or wakeful night. Our pretty little, beautiful blue eyed, big cheeked baby girl.


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