DIY personalized Christmas gift tags



Okay, so obviously there will be lots of Christmas filled posts for the next 3 weeks. I’m kinda on a roll and completely in the spirit, soooo… On with the post!:)

Can you buy gift tags from Target, Walmart or pretty much anywhere that would adequately serve the purpose of identifying who a gift is for and who the giver is?


But, why not scrape up a few craft supplies you probably already have and whip up your own that serve the above mentioned purposes while being unique and fun?

Besides, it gives the kids something to do while your trying to wrap everything. Not that you didn’t totally need their help…

So… What you’ll need:

scrapbook paper ( the thicker the better)


pop-pops ( or any other embellishments you’d like)

stamp and ink


hole punch

I had most of these things in my craft box and picked up the green ink for the stamp at Hobby Lobby.

Let’s get started!

First, I used this handy paper cutting thingy. But if you have scalloped scissors you could use those, or anything really.image

I chose to use a letter ‘T’ which is the initial of our last name. I can think of a ton of holiday stamps I could have used though.


Now the fun part!


I used poms in sparkly colors. But I think buttons, glitter, lace, ribbon or sequins would give it pizzaz as well!


Cuteness, right?

Next, just punch a hole, thread in some twine and add it to your gift.

See? Really easy. Plus, I just sat there and made a huge pile of  assorted colors so I’ll have them at the ready for whenever I’m wrapping gifts.


The present above is for my husband. I flipped the tag over and used a metallic pen to write the to and from part.

An added bonus. I don’t have to worry about smashing bows. I may even do some using ribbon instead of twine. The possibilities are endless and I like it so much better than the little sticker tags.

All crafted out yet?

How about baking? I whipped up my first batch of made  from scratch cookies courtesy of a recipe posted on abc’s 25 days of Christmas Facebook page.

So yummy!


How about some Elf business?

Cody the Elf has returned and with him the responsibility of reminding him to change positions nightly… I may forget to remind him occasionally.

Here’s a snapshot of the morning he returned. My youngest, Bella, looks a little untrusting of him, haha!


Hope you enjoyed my holiday update and tutorial!




Easy bow tutorial…. A MUST for Mommy’s of little girls!


I have been meaning to share this easy little secret for a while now but, quite frankly, I have had little to no time for bowmaking lately. My little girls are known for their big hairbows and I am always getting questions on where I get them from. A few of them I buy in stores or online, but a majority of them I make myself. First of all, most of the hairbows I find in children’s clothing stores are really pricey ( online shops are much more reasonable) and secondly, I just like being able to make my own to match whatever outfits I want without having to search everywhere for “just the right one”. Hairbows at stores usually run between 8-15 dollars depending on how elaborate they are. It costs me about 1-4 dollars to make one myself. The tutorial I am doing today is a simple, single layer hairbow, but I make double layer and “boutique” style bows as well (tutorials on these coming soon!). I am starting with this easy bow which can be whipped up in literally 5 minutes.  

For starters you need a few materials which can be purchased at Walmart, Michael’s, or any craft store. The ribbon I am using today came from Michael’s craft store and cost me about 3 dollars for the 4 yard roll. Several single layer bows can be made off of this one roll. You will also need clear hair bands which can be bought at any drugstore or Sally’s hair supplies for a couple of dollars. Sally’s is also where I purchased the silver alligator hair clips. You can get a big box of these for about 4 dollars. Then you will need a glue gun and glue sticks and you will be ready to start!

Supplies you will need

Your first step is to lay your ribbon out. You simply form the bow by using the crisscross method below. This is when you will determine the size of your hairbow. The one pictured is a medium sized bow which my 6 and 10 year olds where regulary. But, I LOVE big hairbows and have been known to put this size in the baby’s hair as well. I have included a picture of the finished bow at the bottom of this post worn by both the 6 year old and the 18 month old. This should give you an idea of what size you would like to make.

Easy crisscross method

The second step is to use a clear hair band to wrap around the center junction of the crisscrossed ribbon. I usually wrap the band about three times to secure it in place. It should look like the below picture when you complete this step.

Next, cut a small piece of ribbon which will be used to cover the center of the bow.

Fold the small cut of ribbon in half the long ways and then in half again to form the below piece.

Trim the ends shorter and then use the glue gun to glue one end to the back of the bow and then wrap the other end around the bow and glue it down. Make sure the glue is not too hot because it will melt the hair band causing it to come apart. At this point I usually smooth a little extra glue over the back middle of the bow to make sure it holds together and to smooth down any frayed ends. Below is a picture of the back of the bow where the ends have been wrapped around and glued down.

Next, leaving the back of the bow facing up, squeeze the silver hairclip to open and slide the flat end under the ribbon that is wrapped around the center, back of the bow (you can also use the snap clips but you will need to glue the bottom side of the clip before wrapping the middle ribbon around the bow). It will look like the below picture after the completion of this step.

And here is the finished product.

Isn’t it too cute in the baby’s hair?

Bella in her new hairbow

And perfect in Mary Kathryn’s hair:)

Mary Kathryn in her new hairbow.