Bella’s Summer Style

Anyone who has a diva-of-a-four-year-old at home knows how important it is to buy clothes that they’ll actually wear. And for Bella, that means it must be a dress. Buying anything else for her is a waste. Trust me, I’ve almost pulled my hair out trying to get her to wear shorts, pants, ect. In fact, we may even have dresser drawers filled with tons of sassy little shorts and shirt outfits that she refuses to wear…

I’ll save the battles for something of actual importance, like manners or following directions or playing nicely, haha!

Another really important requirement for her summer wardrobe is it has to hold up to tons of washing. I purchased almost everything for her from Gap and Old Navy. Bella has the flutter dress in white from the Gap and she wears it pretty much every other day. It still looks brand new. And that’s saying a lot!


Also, the pink saltwater sandals are so comfortable that she even insists on wearing them indoors. The leather is soft and seems durable. Even better, they can be worn in the water.

Perhaps my favorite buy for Bella is the A-dorable gold bow hairband from rubyblueinc. I can not even wait for it to come in the mail. Hairbands are Bella’s favorite thing to wear and the gold color will go with everything.


dress collage2dress collage3dress collage4

Shop Bella’s Style!

1. Glitter dots dress

2. Pineapple print romper

3. Gold messy bow head wrap

4. Fishie eyelet-trim dress

5. Salt water sandals

6. Pink eyelet dress

7. Embroidered flutter dress

8. Star print t-shirt dress

The lovely little dresses in this post were courtesy of my sweet MIL for Bella’s birthday. I had a blast picking them out!

Hopefully, I’ll get the next post up on Hailey and Mary Kathryn’s summer style soon!


25 Secrets of Happy Moms~ Secret # 21:)

I love reading parenting magazines for a lot of reasons. To get new ideas and insight, to find out the latest info, to read about things that relate to my life right now, and to feel connected with other moms like me. When editors ask questions that inspire me, I usually respond. I have been lucky enough to have two responses I’ve written published in American Baby magazine within the last year and a half. I thought that was kinda neat, but I was really suprised when I saw something I’d written in this article by Parents magazine! Check out “secret” #21 at this link written by yours truly;)

25 Secrets of Happy Moms

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely spring weekend and soaking up lots of family time!:)

A seriously happy moment:)

A month or two ago I posted here about a change in my work status to prn. Well, I agreed to continue on 4 days a week at the clinic I was working at to fill in for an employee on maternity leave. I am excited to report she returns March 23rd and I am completely free to make my own schedule from then on! So, I sat down Wednesday and signed up for my work days through May. I am trained in most departments of the hospital as well as their satellite clinics so I was able to choose where I wanted to work, how often, and when. Ahh, the taste of freedom is SO nice! I chose not more than two 8 hour shifts a week and even decided not to sign up for anything on one week. I was able to sign up around my husband’s schedule, the girls extracurricular activities, trips, doctor’s/dental appointments, ect. It is so nice to know I will be at home so much and will not be missing any important events in our schedule. I signed up for most of my time in the emergency department, a place where I love and feel I am called to be. But I still picked up time in other areas as well to mix it up a bit. I am extremely thankful to be able to work this way and continue to make sure my family is top priority while fulfilling my calling to be a nurse. How can I possibly thank God enough for giving me the opportunity to do this??

In what ways do you feel God has given you the chance to be the Mom you need to be while still fulfilling your need in a different area? I would love to here your answers!!

Easy bow tutorial…. A MUST for Mommy’s of little girls!


I have been meaning to share this easy little secret for a while now but, quite frankly, I have had little to no time for bowmaking lately. My little girls are known for their big hairbows and I am always getting questions on where I get them from. A few of them I buy in stores or online, but a majority of them I make myself. First of all, most of the hairbows I find in children’s clothing stores are really pricey ( online shops are much more reasonable) and secondly, I just like being able to make my own to match whatever outfits I want without having to search everywhere for “just the right one”. Hairbows at stores usually run between 8-15 dollars depending on how elaborate they are. It costs me about 1-4 dollars to make one myself. The tutorial I am doing today is a simple, single layer hairbow, but I make double layer and “boutique” style bows as well (tutorials on these coming soon!). I am starting with this easy bow which can be whipped up in literally 5 minutes.  

For starters you need a few materials which can be purchased at Walmart, Michael’s, or any craft store. The ribbon I am using today came from Michael’s craft store and cost me about 3 dollars for the 4 yard roll. Several single layer bows can be made off of this one roll. You will also need clear hair bands which can be bought at any drugstore or Sally’s hair supplies for a couple of dollars. Sally’s is also where I purchased the silver alligator hair clips. You can get a big box of these for about 4 dollars. Then you will need a glue gun and glue sticks and you will be ready to start!

Supplies you will need

Your first step is to lay your ribbon out. You simply form the bow by using the crisscross method below. This is when you will determine the size of your hairbow. The one pictured is a medium sized bow which my 6 and 10 year olds where regulary. But, I LOVE big hairbows and have been known to put this size in the baby’s hair as well. I have included a picture of the finished bow at the bottom of this post worn by both the 6 year old and the 18 month old. This should give you an idea of what size you would like to make.

Easy crisscross method

The second step is to use a clear hair band to wrap around the center junction of the crisscrossed ribbon. I usually wrap the band about three times to secure it in place. It should look like the below picture when you complete this step.

Next, cut a small piece of ribbon which will be used to cover the center of the bow.

Fold the small cut of ribbon in half the long ways and then in half again to form the below piece.

Trim the ends shorter and then use the glue gun to glue one end to the back of the bow and then wrap the other end around the bow and glue it down. Make sure the glue is not too hot because it will melt the hair band causing it to come apart. At this point I usually smooth a little extra glue over the back middle of the bow to make sure it holds together and to smooth down any frayed ends. Below is a picture of the back of the bow where the ends have been wrapped around and glued down.

Next, leaving the back of the bow facing up, squeeze the silver hairclip to open and slide the flat end under the ribbon that is wrapped around the center, back of the bow (you can also use the snap clips but you will need to glue the bottom side of the clip before wrapping the middle ribbon around the bow). It will look like the below picture after the completion of this step.

And here is the finished product.

Isn’t it too cute in the baby’s hair?

Bella in her new hairbow

And perfect in Mary Kathryn’s hair:)

Mary Kathryn in her new hairbow.