Bella’s Summer Style

Anyone who has a diva-of-a-four-year-old at home knows how important it is to buy clothes that they’ll actually wear. And for Bella, that means it must be a dress. Buying anything else for her is a waste. Trust me, I’ve almost pulled my hair out trying to get her to wear shorts, pants, ect. In fact, we may even have dresser drawers filled with tons of sassy little shorts and shirt outfits that she refuses to wear…

I’ll save the battles for something of actual importance, like manners or following directions or playing nicely, haha!

Another really important requirement for her summer wardrobe is it has to hold up to tons of washing. I purchased almost everything for her from Gap and Old Navy. Bella has the flutter dress in white from the Gap and she wears it pretty much every other day. It still looks brand new. And that’s saying a lot!


Also, the pink saltwater sandals are so comfortable that she even insists on wearing them indoors. The leather is soft and seems durable. Even better, they can be worn in the water.

Perhaps my favorite buy for Bella is the A-dorable gold bow hairband from rubyblueinc. I can not even wait for it to come in the mail. Hairbands are Bella’s favorite thing to wear and the gold color will go with everything.


dress collage2dress collage3dress collage4

Shop Bella’s Style!

1. Glitter dots dress

2. Pineapple print romper

3. Gold messy bow head wrap

4. Fishie eyelet-trim dress

5. Salt water sandals

6. Pink eyelet dress

7. Embroidered flutter dress

8. Star print t-shirt dress

The lovely little dresses in this post were courtesy of my sweet MIL for Bella’s birthday. I had a blast picking them out!

Hopefully, I’ll get the next post up on Hailey and Mary Kathryn’s summer style soon!


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Taking Stock


taking stock collage

Making: A cute new dress for Bella. As soon as I pick up the sewing machine from my Mom.

Cooking: Spaghetti for dinner tonight. Made with bacon-burger and lots of cheese. And it’s calorie-free. Yep…

Drinking: Lots and lots of water. And hot tea and coffee. That’s pretty much it.

Reading: Edits for the third book in my vampire series.

Waiting: On my new planner from Emily Ley. Not so patiently….

Looking: For fun, unexpected gifts for those hard to buy for people on my list. Three of those left. What to get… What to get…

Playing: Is there time for this?

Wasting: Energy. Picking up the same toys over and over and over…

Sewing: Nothing yet, but I have a long list starting with the dress for Bella. Also, drapes for my dining room, a pillow for the bench in my entryway…

Enjoying: The season. Can’t believe there’s only three weeks left. What will I watch on tv when Hallmark is no longer playing Christmas movies?

Wishing: For snow. The light fluffy kind with no ice.

Waiting: For something in particular.

Wondering: What kind of surprises the future holds. Don’t we all?

Loving: Three sweet faces and a handsome one.

Hoping: That my book is finished by the end of the month. Not so sure I’m gonna make that deadline…

Marveling: At the way of the world. This is a broad one I know, but it truly confounds me everyday.

Needing: A new mattress for my bed.

Smelling: Christmas cookies. And Downy.

Wearing: The comfiest sleep shirt from Target. And those really soft, fuzzy socks they have for wearing around the house. They’re the best.

Following: A tight schedule. Always…

Noticing: Everything. I notice everything and can recount it to you years later.

Knowing: That I should be sleeping right now. Oh well…

Thinking: That I have so much to do today/tomorrow. Hey, it’s 3am. I never know whether to consider it today if the sun hasn’t risen yet.

Feeling: Lucky, stressed, blessed, under the weather…

Bookmarking: My favorite shopping websites. Am I the only one that loads up an online cart just for the fun of it?

Opening: A bag of muddy buddy chex mix – in just a minute.

Giggling: At pawn stars. The Old Man on that show cracks me up.

Feeling: Accomplished.

Thanks to Pip’s blog for her fun idea.


Hope you’re sleeping better than I am right now!

Goodnight (Or good morning! Whichever way you want to look at it.)



DIY personalized Christmas gift tags



Okay, so obviously there will be lots of Christmas filled posts for the next 3 weeks. I’m kinda on a roll and completely in the spirit, soooo… On with the post!:)

Can you buy gift tags from Target, Walmart or pretty much anywhere that would adequately serve the purpose of identifying who a gift is for and who the giver is?


But, why not scrape up a few craft supplies you probably already have and whip up your own that serve the above mentioned purposes while being unique and fun?

Besides, it gives the kids something to do while your trying to wrap everything. Not that you didn’t totally need their help…

So… What you’ll need:

scrapbook paper ( the thicker the better)


pop-pops ( or any other embellishments you’d like)

stamp and ink


hole punch

I had most of these things in my craft box and picked up the green ink for the stamp at Hobby Lobby.

Let’s get started!

First, I used this handy paper cutting thingy. But if you have scalloped scissors you could use those, or anything really.image

I chose to use a letter ‘T’ which is the initial of our last name. I can think of a ton of holiday stamps I could have used though.


Now the fun part!


I used poms in sparkly colors. But I think buttons, glitter, lace, ribbon or sequins would give it pizzaz as well!


Cuteness, right?

Next, just punch a hole, thread in some twine and add it to your gift.

See? Really easy. Plus, I just sat there and made a huge pile of  assorted colors so I’ll have them at the ready for whenever I’m wrapping gifts.


The present above is for my husband. I flipped the tag over and used a metallic pen to write the to and from part.

An added bonus. I don’t have to worry about smashing bows. I may even do some using ribbon instead of twine. The possibilities are endless and I like it so much better than the little sticker tags.

All crafted out yet?

How about baking? I whipped up my first batch of made  from scratch cookies courtesy of a recipe posted on abc’s 25 days of Christmas Facebook page.

So yummy!


How about some Elf business?

Cody the Elf has returned and with him the responsibility of reminding him to change positions nightly… I may forget to remind him occasionally.

Here’s a snapshot of the morning he returned. My youngest, Bella, looks a little untrusting of him, haha!


Hope you enjoyed my holiday update and tutorial!



Marking things off my to-do list

Oh how I love the holidays! No lie: I have stayed up late practically every night since November 1st watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Most of those nights I’m one or two in the morning before going to sleep. Am I tired the next morning? Absolutely. But there is something about sitting in my living room with the only light coming from my Christmas tree and the glow of the tv that just makes me happy.

Oh, did I mention?

My Christmas tree went up the very first week of November. See? I’m a holiday fanatic.

I like to enjoy the full two months of the season. I like the house to be decorated and ready to go on Thanksgiving day when my girls wake up to watch the Macy’s Day Parade and the yummy smell of Thanksgiving dinner is wafting into the living room.

It makes us happy. So, why not?

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we decorate the outside of the house. I’m totally respecting the feelings of those that like to enjoy one holiday at the time 😉  So, I do wait on letting my Christmas joy spill outside until the day after, haha 🙂

Things I have marked off my holiday to-do list?

– Christmas tree up and decorated

– Major Christmas gifts purchased

– Christmas gift buying list made and ready

– Outdoor decorations purchased

– Christmas Cards ordered!

Here is a sneak peak of the cards I ordered. You have no idea how difficult it was to get this picture with all three girls looking into the camera! I have so much respect for photographers!! This was the best of about fifty duds.

christmas card picture 2013

I was happy with the final product though! 🙂

And for the close family and friends that receive one of these there is a surprise pic on the back and a note from us!

To my blog friends reading this: I wish I could send each and every one of you this card! Thank you for taking the time to follow our story. We hope you have a magnificent holiday season filled with lots of love, laughter, and joy!!


P.S. Stop by Bloglovin and visit me :).

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25 Secrets of Happy Moms~ Secret # 21:)

I love reading parenting magazines for a lot of reasons. To get new ideas and insight, to find out the latest info, to read about things that relate to my life right now, and to feel connected with other moms like me. When editors ask questions that inspire me, I usually respond. I have been lucky enough to have two responses I’ve written published in American Baby magazine within the last year and a half. I thought that was kinda neat, but I was really suprised when I saw something I’d written in this article by Parents magazine! Check out “secret” #21 at this link written by yours truly;)

25 Secrets of Happy Moms

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely spring weekend and soaking up lots of family time!:)

Beachy Post:)

I am one lucky girl:) To celebrate Mother’s Day this year we made the short 1 1/2 hour trip to Emerald Isle for the weekend. ( I so appreciate how convenient it is to live so close to the beach!) Our Saturday was spent with our sweet friends the Braxton’s on the beach soaking up the sun. Unfortunately we didn’t get too many pics that day because we were so busy chasing kids:) But my girl’s sure did love their 10 month old Knox and I loved getting to have his momma Jordan to hang out with:)

Day 2 ~ Aka~ Mother’s Day was awesome. We spent it playing with the kids on the beach near fort macon and relaxing just the 5 of us. It truly was a perfect Mother’s Day. Of course Hailey, who has been studying the pirate Blackbeard, was filling us in on all kinds of fun trivia. Like that Blackbeard’s house, the Hammock house, is a few miles away in Beaufort and that his ship is, according to Hailey, underwater 12 miles off the coast at fort macon. I love that she is really into history like her momma:)
We saw lots of fins in the water which were, of course, dolphins. Though you never know on the NC coast!. Tons were out Mother’s day, jumping all around near shore. It was so much fun for the girls to watch! And the subject of fins brings us to our all time favorite week of summer~~~~ SHark week~~~. Yes, we know we have a couple of months to wait, but we are shark fanatics here and we anxiously await it every summer. And we are getting so close to summer! Just a few short weeks of school left for the girls and then off to Myrtle beach for our summer vacation! Can you tell I’m getting just a little bit excited for summer…. until then here are our pics from our beach Mother’s Day!

Happy late Mother’s Day to all of my fellow blogging mommies!! ( Okay, I’m a few days late but, hey, I’m a mother of three and part time worker bee. But I do try:)

My husband is…..

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now. I get so busy posting about those sweet little girls who fill my every waking hour, that my intentions get pushed to the side for another time. But, I think it is well past time that I took a few moments to devote to the person that was my everything before my everythings were born. You know, the reason why those precious little ones are here in the first place;)

So let me just lay it all out there…

My husband is


Yes, I mean laugh out loud


without even trying,

and that in itself is why he can just crack me up.

Most people,

think he’s reserved.

They have no idea.

Those of us that are lucky enough,

to really know him,

get treated to his sense of humor a lot:)

My husband is

super sweet.

Like almost too good to be true, sweet.

Like coffee when I wake up, sweet.

Foot rubs every night he’s not working, sweet.

Brings my favorite candy bar home, sweet.

Stays up after working night shift to watch the girls,

so that I can sleep in, sweet.

First one to tease me out of an argument,

and make me laugh when I’m trying to be angry, sweet:)

My husband is

an awesome father.

I can see so much love in his eyes,

when he looks at our girls,

that it’s unbelievable.

You can just see it in his eyes.

He spends time with them.

Doing things they like to do.

Girly things, like dolls, and making beaded necklaces.

Watching Angelina Ballerina and Shake it up.

When he has so little time to do things he likes to do.

And they love him to pieces,

because they can feel how much he loves them.

My husband is my best friend.

The Best.


We put up with each other,

and think things are cute,

that I’m sure others would find annoying:)

Like how I always forget the words to well known sayings,

and then say them anyway. The wrong way:)

Like how he will absolutely not ask for directions.

To anywhere.

I don’t care how lost we get.

Or how he always rents action movies (uhg!),

and then trys to convince me that its probably got some romance in it too.

And of course it doesn’t.

Or how I fall asleep before the ending

of every. single. movie. we rent.

even if I picked it out.


But best of all,

I can always count on him.

To save the day.

To say or do whatever it takes.

To make everything alright.

Do I think the stars lined up just right so that we ended up together?

Absolutely not.

I think God chose him for me and me for him.

Because He knew that even though we are not perfect.

We would be perfect for each other.