A few things I can’t live without…

I know that I have been MIA lately and my only excuse is that I wasn’t sure which blog I wanted to use. You see, I have a blogger blog that I was using to document my family life and a blogger blog I was using as my author blog and then this one. It became so much trouble to post to all of them and I was having a hard time deciding which one to use… Then, finally, I decided that I liked the layout and look of wordpress more than blogger, and after making a few changes, I have combined them all.

So, basically this blog will be a blending of all the aspects of my life: motherhood, writing, lifestyle and everything in between. I hope you will continue to follow along!:)

Now, onto today’s post!

I love reading posts about products people have tried and loved and ended up going back to again and again. It saves me from having to waste time and money trying out new things. And nine times out of ten, I end up loving the product too! So, here is me sharing a few of the items I am loving right now…

Elf concealer and highliter

e.l.f. Studio Duo Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter - Light

It is da bomb and only 3 dollars! It covers under eye circles easily and brightens the eye area dramatically, making you appear awake (even if you stayed up all night with a crying baby) and youthful. I get mine from Target, but you can also order it online. Run and get some. You won’t regret it!

Now onto my dirty little secret: I totally drink pumpkin spice coffee year round. Once upon a time, you could only get it starting around October and then it was off the shelf by sometime in January. I used to stock up so that I could drink it longer, but I always ran out by March. It would make me so sad. Then I discovered that Archer Farms was selling it year round at Target and now I drink it pretty much all year long! I can’t help it -perhaps it’s the warm fuzzy memories of the holidays that it provokes. Whatever the reason, I’m a self confessed pumpkin spice coffee addict!

I LOVE a good deal and I’ve pretty much found the motherload of good deals recently. Designer jeans that cost practically 200 dollars have never been something I was willing to do. Well, I found this upscale consignment shop near my house, Plato’s Closet, and snatched up a pair of Citizens of Humanity jeans for 25.00 dollars! And they had a ton of them along with other great brands like 7 for all mankind, J brand, Miss Me and lots more. Anyway, my Citizens jeans are now my new favorite thing in my closet. They are so comfortable (like, buttery soft) and fit perfectly. If you can find a consignment store like this where you live, or if you have more money than you know what to do with and want to by them at cost (not me!), then you need a pair of these jeans!

Product Details

And then we have this little gem above: Suave keratin infusion dry shampoo. Let’s get real here. I have long hair and a ton of it; not to mention three little girls to get ready every day. I just don’t have time to wash, dry, and curl/straighten my hair everyday. And unfortunately, I’m not one of the lucky few that can just wash and go. My hair looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket when I try that. Just not a pretty sight. So, I depend on dry shampoo to help me on those days I don’t wash. I spray the Suave keratin dry shampoo on my roots and it soaks up any oils and leaves a fresh scent behind -nothing overpowering. Sometimes my hair even does better on no wash days after using this dry shampoo. Even better than it does right after washing. Best part: it’s less than three dollars. Need I say more?


Something else I have been sucked into lately? -Pretty little liars. Oh, how I love this show! I didn’t jump onto the bandwagon until recently when I caught up by watching the previous seasons on Netflix. But now? Totally into it. And Ezra/ Ian Harding is worth watching the show for even if the rest of the show wasn’t good. But it is. So good.

Okay, last thing for this post. May Books.

Words can not describe how this planner saves me on a daily basis. It seems that, like most moms I know, I have a million and one things going on at any given time. Doctor appointments, work schedules for my husband and I, cheer practices and competitions and the list goes on. This planner keeps it all organized in a cute little book. I love it because it’s small enough to fit in my pocket book, but it’s also adorable and I don’t mind pulling it out in front of people. The price is a lot better than some of the others you can order online and I love that this one can be personalized from the monogram right down to the cover print. And I think the cost is only a little over twenty dollars. It is well worth every penny.

Now it’s your turn! Let me know if there are any products out right now that you can’t live without. I’m always on the lookout for great stuff!!






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