My husband is…..

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now. I get so busy posting about those sweet little girls who fill my every waking hour, that my intentions get pushed to the side for another time. But, I think it is well past time that I took a few moments to devote to the person that was my everything before my everythings were born. You know, the reason why those precious little ones are here in the first place;)

So let me just lay it all out there…

My husband is


Yes, I mean laugh out loud


without even trying,

and that in itself is why he can just crack me up.

Most people,

think he’s reserved.

They have no idea.

Those of us that are lucky enough,

to really know him,

get treated to his sense of humor a lot:)

My husband is

super sweet.

Like almost too good to be true, sweet.

Like coffee when I wake up, sweet.

Foot rubs every night he’s not working, sweet.

Brings my favorite candy bar home, sweet.

Stays up after working night shift to watch the girls,

so that I can sleep in, sweet.

First one to tease me out of an argument,

and make me laugh when I’m trying to be angry, sweet:)

My husband is

an awesome father.

I can see so much love in his eyes,

when he looks at our girls,

that it’s unbelievable.

You can just see it in his eyes.

He spends time with them.

Doing things they like to do.

Girly things, like dolls, and making beaded necklaces.

Watching Angelina Ballerina and Shake it up.

When he has so little time to do things he likes to do.

And they love him to pieces,

because they can feel how much he loves them.

My husband is my best friend.

The Best.


We put up with each other,

and think things are cute,

that I’m sure others would find annoying:)

Like how I always forget the words to well known sayings,

and then say them anyway. The wrong way:)

Like how he will absolutely not ask for directions.

To anywhere.

I don’t care how lost we get.

Or how he always rents action movies (uhg!),

and then trys to convince me that its probably got some romance in it too.

And of course it doesn’t.

Or how I fall asleep before the ending

of every. single. movie. we rent.

even if I picked it out.


But best of all,

I can always count on him.

To save the day.

To say or do whatever it takes.

To make everything alright.

Do I think the stars lined up just right so that we ended up together?

Absolutely not.

I think God chose him for me and me for him.

Because He knew that even though we are not perfect.

We would be perfect for each other.


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