Good Morning!!

This morning I feel so lucky to be at home with Bella instead of working! I am so loving my new schedule and really should have updated this blog before now. My only excuse is that I have been so busy catching up on all of the things that have gone undone the past 6 months while I was working all week, that I am just now getting to it. I really need to get more organized and do regular posts.  I found this blog organizer on pinterest and I’m hoping that if I use the organizer and add a dose of motivation that it will help:).

I have a ton of pictures to edit and update but in the meantime here are a couple that offer a little glimpse into what we have been doing lately.

Bella in cowgirl boots and diaper. A new fav in her wardrobe:)

Hailey has been working hard on her cheer needle and she is so close to having it:)

This sweet girl turns 7 next week. Where in the world does the time go???

Also, I am really excited about this Erin Condren planner I ordered. They are currently 40% off! I can’t wait to get it!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!!:)


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