Christmas Memories

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with family and fun and the making of lots of Christmas memories. I think what made this Christmas so special was not only having my husband off work to enjoy it, but having so much of our family here on Christmas morning. Here are some pictures of our Christmas…

Starting with Christmas Eve..

This year the five of us stayed home and enjoyed this yummy spread of fingerfoods….

We gave the girls these cute matching flannel pajamas as their Christmas eve present. Aren’t they the cutest??:)

Michael and Bella on Christmas Eve:)

Here is how the livingroom looked after Santa visited on Christmas Eve. Since we have three girls, Santa is thoughtful enough to wrap each girl’s gifts in a certain wrapping paper so they know which gifts are their’s in the morning.

Aunt Crystal and Uncle Chris stayed over on Christmas Eve and we had a great time watching the girl’s and each other open gifts.

And then the fun began!….

Then Grandma and Aunt Abby came and it was like Santa visited again!

Aunt Abby and Mary Kathryn

Aunt Abby and Hailey

Grandma and Bella

Just take a look at this livingroom!!!

Afterwards we went to Grandma Lynn’s house for the best food ever and took these pictures…

Grandma Lynn and Hailey, Mary Kathryn and Bella

The Lynn Sisters and the girls

The girls and I

We are truly blessed to have a happy, healthy family on Christmas and all year long!!


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