Prayer request please!

So, I am in the midst of trying to make a huge work related decision. Recently, I accepted a 4 day a week nursing position. For the past 3 years I have worked “prn” or for those who don’t work in healthcare, it means I basically made my own hours and signed up for whatever days I wanted to work. I was not committed to work a certain amount of hours and it worked great with small children. Plus, no weekends, holidays and it was at a higher pay rate, so I only had to work 2 days a week. The only downside to this work option is that you take a risk of not getting your hours in if the need for extra help declines. So, to be more secure in this economy, I made a difficult decision to take a full time position. But, so far, trying to juggle the extra hours with my husbands crazy schedule has been beyond difficult.  I am now struggling with the decision to go back to prn and give up the full time position (i.e. financial security). I really just feel like there is no way to forsee what the best decision would be. My gut told me to stay prn but my head told me it was safer to go full time, and obviously I followed my head. Now I’m regretting that decision but do not want to make another decision I will regret. I’m praying about this really hard and am hoping that you can just take a few seconds to say a little prayer for me that the Lord will lead me down the right path. In the mean time I am going to give this a lot of thought and prayer and not make any hasty decisions. Thanks so much in advance. I feel better already:)

Sidenote: It hasn’t affected the kids schedule too much because I am home 1 weekday and Michael is home 2 weekdays, so they are still only with a babysitter 2 days a week. But it leaves me very little time to do any of the grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking ect during the week. It is just exhausting trying to stay up at night to get everything done and then get up early to get everyone ready, dropped off and then be at work by 8am. See why I am regretting this??

Advice & Prayers would be helpful. Thanks!!


6 thoughts on “Prayer request please!

  1. Praying for God's wisdom for you, Erika! I can see why it was so difficult and how their are pros/cons to both… But the verse that kept coming to mind as I read your post was Prov. 3:5-6: "Trust in the Lord with all your HEART and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path." Praying!

  2. aww… it's so hard making this tough decisions. I'm just finishing up nursing school and am already worried about being away from little guy and husband on weekends and holidays. I've worked prn too and it sure is nice to call your own shots, but yeah, when the shifts get slim there's no income. Good luck, I'm sure everything will turn out just fine!

  3. Erika, I just dropped by your blog and read this post. I said a prayer for you as I read your post. I totally understand what you mean about working and feeling like you are never caught up at home as I work full time outside of the home as well. I will continue to pray for direction and discernment for you. 🙂 Lana

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