A Day at the Beach!

So, last weekend we decided to take a day trip to Nagshead. It is the closest beach to us, and a straight shot down hwy 64. I had my reservations on whether a day trip to the beach would be more work than it was worth with a baby in tow. But, we found it was both fun and relaxing and well worth the less than 2 hour drive it us took to get there. The weather was gorgeous and all three girls had such a good time playing in the sand, water and sun. And Michael and I were actually able to relax some as well! We had such a great time, that we all agreed we will be making many beach day trips this summer. Cost wise it required little more than the gas it took to get there and back. I packed a picnic lunch and filled the cooler with lots of drinks and snacks, so we had everything we needed right there. We stayed all day and went home exhausted and happy:)
Here are some of the pictures from our day trip….

Such a fun day! And it’s back to the beach for the weekend next week to celebrate the end of a successful school year!:)


4 thoughts on “A Day at the Beach!

  1. Such a fun day! I'm always reluctant to do the day trips for the exact reason you mentioned, but maybe its worth it after reading your post!!!

  2. It definitely was Tara! With a little preparation it went very smoothly and was actually relaxing!And me too Grace!! I think Ruthie and Bella would have such an awesome time playing together. Maybe we can work that out one of these days!!:)

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