Super great weekend in Myrtle Beach!!

This past weekend we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC for the Thundercats second national competition this year. And after much hard work and persistence these little girls are now first place national champions!!! Needless to say, Hailey was thrilled (and Mommy, Daddy, Marykathryn and Bella were too!!). Below are some pictures we took during the competition….

Not only did we have an awesome time watching our Thundercats perform and bring home the national title, but we also had so much fun enjoying the beautiful weather at the pool and beach….

Planet Hollywood was AWESOME!!…..

What a fun weekend we had and all three girls were so well behaved! Hope they are equally as good for our next trip!

The girls in their Nat’l Champion jackets!….

We are just so very proud of Hailey, all of her fellow Thundercats, and of course coach Stephanie!!!

And now we are looking forward to going to Baltimore, MD for another national competition next week!!


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