The Big Move!….

No, we are not moving right now (though living at the beach does hold a certain appeal!) But in our lives right now this move is almost as equally exciting for us. This past week has marked a special milestone for Bella. She has made the big move from sleeping in our room to now sleeping in the crib in her very own room! Since we brought her home from the hospital Bella has graduated from the cosleeper attatched to the side of our bed to the playpen next to our bed and now to the crib in her room across the hall. Over the past few weeks she has grown increasingly fussy and fretful during the night, waking at the slightest noise. So, we decided that maybe it was time she slept in her own room. The very first night she went down at 7:30pm and woke only once at 1:30am to eat and then slept until 6am the next morning. And let me just say it has been so nice to be able to watch tv in our room at night or get up to the bathroom without tiptoeing! It looks like Miss Bella is now finally enjoying the nursery we worked so hard on for her this spring!

What a big girl my Bella bee is becoming! Stay tuned for our adventures in homemade baby food coming soon:)


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