Our week in Pictures!

I love to chew and drool!… LOTS!!

Happy Baby!:D

Our most expensive countertop decoration!!

Two very spoiled cats….

Yay! I can roll from my back to my side!!!

This child loves to tumble. She tumbles from room to room instead of walking!

This “Thundercat” applies the same determination and devotion to practicing that she gives to everything she does!

Drumroll Please…..

My First Kindergarten Report Card. A wonderful report!!

Hailey recieved her first report card with letter grades….

Straight “A’s” Principal’s List

We are so very proud of all our girls and their accomplishments!!!
It is hard work and almost a total self sacrifice having 3 young children (2 min showers, last one to eat, little time for yourself, ect.), but….if I could afford it I would definitely have more! I have learned that true joy comes from giving of yourself!


3 thoughts on “Our week in Pictures!

  1. What sweet pictures from you week! You have been blessed with 3 beautiful girls!!! And yay for great report cards!PS. Thanks for your sweet FB message. I'm so glad that our blogs have connected us too!

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