HaLLoWeEn Fun!!

This year we were lucky enough to have Michael home with us to enjoy all of the festivites of Halloween. I was grateful that it fell on his weekend off this year! We started Friday just after lunch with trick or treating at the local businesses in downtown Tarboro. The weather was nice and cool and sunny, so it was the perfect day for walking. (Well, we walked. Hailey and Mary Kathryn ran!) The girls had such a good time running from door to door and letting the employees guess what they were dressed up as. Both girls had on tutus I purchased on ebay for about $8 and the black leotards that I found at a consignment sale for 1 and 2 dollars. I bought Hailey a $5 leopard accessory kit and Mary Kathryn a pumpkin top headband from the dollar bin at Target. 29 cents for the felt to make Mary Kathryn’s Jack-o-lantern face and I had two pretty cute costumes for less than $15 a peice! Since it worked out that we were out during Bella’s nap, I dressed her in a cozy sleeper and she slept in her stroller while the girls trick or treated. (Her costume consisted of a white tutu and onsie with a ghost face on it and white tights and hairbow. Click here to check it out!) Afterward we had a late lunch at a local diner. I ordered the best homemade vegatable soup and pimento cheese sandwich ever! So good! Michael had a double cheeseburger and then helped me with mine. The girls wanted candy for lunch but I convinced them to eat a grilled cheese and they could pick a peice of candy for dessert!

Saturday night after Bella went down for the night, Hailey and Mary Kathryn’s favorite lifeguard, Sara, came to babysit so we could go out to eat and to a haunted hayride. To say that they had a blast is an understatement! They are already begging to know when Mommy and Daddy are having another date night so Miss Sara can come over again! This was the first time I have left Bella with a sitter and I felt completely comfortable knowing Sara would take great care of her. Luckily, Bella stuck to her schedule and slept right through, so Sara was able to spend time watching movies with Hailey and Mary Kathryn. In the meantime, Michael and I had a great time with a couple of our favorite friends, Chrystal and Jason. The Olive Garden was yummy, as usual, and the haunted hayride…..well lets just say it was more funny than scary! Wish I had some pictures, but I was so busy relaxing and enjoying a night to ourselves that I didn’t even think about the camera!

On to Sunday. The trick was on us! After church we decided to stop by the grocery store and do our shopping for the week. When we came back to my car to load the groceries; we had a very flat tire. Oh boy, 2 kids, 1 baby and a cart full of perishable groceries! Needless to say, that was no fun! So after we finally made it home we all took naps and rested up for our last night of trick or treating. After meeting up with Chrystal and Jason and their little boys, Gavin and Hunter, we headed out to let the kids load up on candy once more. I think the funniest part of the evening was how Gavin decided he wasn’t going up to anymore houses because they were too “smooky” (spooky)! How cute!:)

I would definitely have to say that the best part of this Halloween was not all the fun things going on, but spending time together. I guess you could say one of the “upsides” to Michael’s crazy schedule is that we truly appreciate the time that we do have as a family. I am already dreading that he will be working on Thanksgiving, but maybe the girls and I will whip up a yummy dinner for him for when he gets home!


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