Busy week!!

Well, it has been a busy week around our house! Michael has been on night shift and I went back to work on a night shift as well. So needless to say I have been having to adjust our schedules and do a lot of juggling this past week. But I think we have figured out how to trade off on sleeping during the day and not disturb the girl’s routine. Luckily, I am only picking up about one shift a week so I really can’t complain too much! I get to be with the kids 95% of the time and also get to get out and have a little me time. (You know you have a house full of children when going to work is “me” time!). I am very blessed to be able to basically be a stay at home mom and thank the Lord that he has arranged things to work out that way. He knows whats best for our family!

So once I got my sleep on Friday the girls and I went and picked up Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie and a pizza. We had a great time snuggling and enjoying our movie night! Here is a picture of Hailey and Mary Kathryn watching the movie. They LOVED it and have watched it a couple more times since!

And here are a few pictures and a video the girls and I took of Bella over the weekend….

Chatting with Bella Part II…

Tummy Time on her surfboard with the swimming fishies!

Sitting in her bumbo chair….

And just being a Happy Girl!!!


2 thoughts on “Busy week!!

  1. How fun! We just got Beauty and the Beast too, but haven't seen it yet. Maybe this week?So glad that you are still able to be at home, though I know it must be a tough transition back to work. Love your attitude about it though!

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