Only 11 more days……..

Yesterday we were lucky enough to have a friend come to our house and take some last minute pictures of our family before Bella arrives. I was so glad to be able to get some good pregnancy pictures, considering this will be the last time I will ever be 9 months pregnant! I was so pleased with the pictures she took! I have told her she has definitely missed her calling. She could really have a great business in photography!

She also took this picture of our house which showed the improvements we made this spring. We worked really hard on landscaping around the house and finally finished off the front porch. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but we finally painted the foyer(quite the ordeal!)and Bella’s room is done and ready for her! We have really tried to complete all of our unfinished projects before Bella arrives. Next weekend will be our last before delivery and I hope to clean the house from top to bottom. I think I’m really counting on my nesting instinct to kick in and provide the energy to do this, because right now I can’t clean one room with out resting halfway through!

One thought on “Only 11 more days……..

  1. Erika, Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog and for directing me to yours! I love the pictures your friend took and I think your house is beautiful too! What a sweet family the Lord has given you and it looks like Bella will be here any moment. Praying for you as you adjust to being a family of 5 and I look forward to checking back to your blog often! Blessings!

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