Late Post- St. Patricks Day

Hailey and Mary Kathryn are always super excited whenever there is a holiday and St. Patricks Day is no exception! Whenever a holiday is brought up at school, we always look up the meaning on the internet and ,of course, we looked up pictures of leprechauns (Mary Kathryn’s favorite part!). Over the last few years, a “leprechaun” has been leaving cupcakes w/ green icing and sprinkles for the girls. Every St. Patrick’s Day, Mary Kathryn and I go pick up Hailey from school and when we get back there are green cupcakes on the table. Well, this year Hailey decided she didn’t want a leprechaun in our house and wouldn’t even go upstairs to get ready for school. She thought a leprechaun might be up there! So this year “I” made the green cupcakes and for Mary Kathryn’s benefit (she still thinks its really cool that a leprechaun leaves the cupcakes) the leprechaun added green sprinkles while we were picking up Hailey from school (We didn’t tell Hailey that part!). This is one of our fun little traditions. They will probably soon outgrow this one, but we will have to keep it going for baby Bella!

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